Our mission

Provision of deep and meaningful insights based on cutting-edge statistical analysis. We help reveal hidden patterns and interconnections of already collected data to help businesses grow.

Core goals

  • Data-driven business optimization.

  • Provision of tangible results.

  • Development of individual approach.

  • Implementation of advanced mechanisms of data analysis.

  • Client satisfaction.

Our experience

Data analysis - 10 years
E-commerce optimization - 8 years
Market research - 8 years
Business consulting - 6 years

What we are good at

Our specialization is formulation of the specific business-related problem, collection of the required data, deep statistical analysis, revelation of hidden patterns, presentation of the results, and support during implementation stage.
We combine expertise in statistics/data handling with vast experience of business consulting and research.

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Operational efficiency

Includes optimization of marketing expenditures, product range tuning, increasing email marketing effectiveness, etc.

Market research

It is important to monitor the external environment and competitive landscape in order not to miss the major trends

Sales impact factors

Thorough analysis of customer behaviour on the website helps understand how to transform visitors into buyers

Personalized search and offers

Algorithms of machine learning give possibility to predict personal preferences of visitors and offer them products that suit them best

Customer segmentation

Customer base is never uniform. Knowledge of key groups of visitors and buyers is essential for business growth

Other solutions

Example: Market Price Calculator – the tool that determines the average market price for a specific product from its specification

Some of our clients

Our clients come from variety of industries. The feature that unites them – they have large amount of data that are not fully utilized. We help to reveal the patterns and insights otherwise hidden. We help consolidate data from different sources in order to get the full picture and produce the best results to our clients.


  • Data Tracer helped our company optimize email marketing campaigns by clustering users and finding issues why we had so high unsubscribe rate. We feel that now the email marketing works much better
    Marketing manager of the large personal electronics retailer
  • Data Tracer helped our online store understand our customers much better and reveal factors that transform visitors into buyers. After several tweaks of the site we have made the customer experience much better
    Director of the medium sized online store
  • Thanks to Data Tracer we revealed the preference hierarchy of our customers: what they value more (brand, price, quality, packaging, etc.). Advanced method of analysis named conjoint analysis was used. Now we know what is really important for the buyers
    Category manager of the international FMCG company
  • Predicting e-mail unsubscribers: banking

    Predicting e-mail unsubscribers: banking

    The model we built made it possible to predict over 65% of unsubscribers based on change of customer behavior. Every time the specific client shows the behavioral pattern that is likely to lead to unsubscription, she was classified as potential unsubscriber and treated differently from the rest of the clients. Model implementation dropped email unsubscription rate by about 40%.

  • Predicting service unsubscribers: telecom churn rate

    Predicting service unsubscribers: telecom churn rate

    Attracting new clients is costly, so retaining clients is absolutely critical for the business success.
    The predictive model of churn rate was built. It made possible to predict over 70% of unsubscribers based on change of customer behavior. Project implementation dropped the unsubscription rate by about 50%.