Operational efficiency

Includes optimization of marketing expenditures, product range tuning, increasing email marketing effectiveness, etc.

Market research

It is important to monitor the external environment and competitive landscape in order not to miss the major trends

Sales impact factors

Thorough analysis of customer behaviour on the website helps understand how to transform visitors into buyers

Personalized search and offers

Algorithms of machine learning give possibility to predict personal preferences of visitors and offer them products that suit them best

Customer segmentation

Customer base is never uniform. Knowledge of key groups of visitors and buyers is essential for business growth

Other solutions

Example: Market Price Calculator – the tool that determines the average market price for a specific product from its specification

With over 10 years of experience in analysis of large data sets of various types, the company offers wide range of services associated with machine learning and data analysis

Our primary focus is email marketing optimization and solutions for e-commerce. However, we are open to negotiation of any ad hoc research connected with data analysis, predictive or clustering solutions.

  • Multivariate analysis.

  • Latest machine learning tools.

  • Econometrics.

  • Predictive analysis.

  • Clear recommendation to the clients.

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