Data Tracer approach

Huge amount of data is collected by online businesses, but it is rarely used to full extent. There are plenty of hidden patterns and insights that are waiting to be revealed. Data Tracer is aimed at mining the data and revealing the latent trends which can give substantial competitive advantage for your e-business.

Data Tracer uses state-of-the-art techniques of data mining and data analysis to produce meaningful and reliable results for various applications.  We are constantly improving our algorithms and use innovative tools of data analysis that give the best results to our clients. Our primary specialization is e-commerce and online businesses, but we have also developed tools for email-marketing, FMCG, retail, banking, insurance, car manufacturing and other spheres. Focus of our interest is constantly growing, as there are a lot of spheres where large amount of data is collected, but it is barely analysed

Our experience

Data analysis — 10 years
E-commerce optimization — 8 years
Market research — 8 years
Business consulting — 6 years

Our services

Email-marketing optimization

The major tasks are increasing the email conversion rates and creation of personalized emails based on preferences of the particular addressee.

E-commerce optimization

Data-driven analysis can give answers to many key issues that determine effectiveness of e-commerce venture: how to transform visitor into buyer, how to give the most relevant personalized offers to each visitor, how to optimize the promotional activities, etc.

Other services

Our professionals are capable of analysing different types of data and finding the deeply hidden patterns. Examples of research questions: What is the fair price for the new car model? What is more important for consumers: brand or price of the product? How to win loyal customers?

Solutions for online businesses

There are vast possibilities for data-driven optimization of online businesses starting from deeper understanding of customers and their preferences and ending with optimal pricing strategy and optimization of contextual advertising expenditures. Usage of advanced data-mining tools gives deeper insights, which create tangible competitive advantage for your business.

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Operational efficiency

Includes optimization of marketing expenditures, product range tuning, increasing email marketing effectiveness, etc.

Market research

It is important to monitor the external environment and competitive landscape in order not to miss the major trends

Sales impact factors

Thorough analysis of customer behaviour on the website helps understand how to transform visitors into buyers

Personalized search and offers

Algorithms of machine learning give possibility to predict personal preferences of visitors and offer them products that suit them best

Customer segmentation

Customer base is never uniform. Knowledge of key groups of visitors and buyers is essential for business growth

Other solutions

Example: Market Price Calculator – the tool that determines the average market price for a specific product from its specification

Products and services

The company offers effective solutions for online and offline business. We have experience in Big Data analysis and e-commerce optimization (specifically focused on email marketing).


Email marketing optimization

Creation of more effective emails, customized emails for every address, behavioral analysis

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E-commerce solutions

Optimized product offering, smart “you might also like” offers, client classification, factors that influence sales.

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Other products

Calculation of fair market price, conjoint analysis, time-series analysis, classification and prediction models, etc.

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Our clients

We have experience working with large international companies and smaller local companies. Our expertise areas include FMCG, retail, financial sector, beauty products, small&large appliances, travel industry, etc.

Advanced analytics.

Tailor-made research. Smart optimization.